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Will 2020-2021 Classes be held in-person or online?

All classes will be held in-person at Jeté Dance Centre, following CDC and MDH recommended guidelines for indoor sports participation. In the event of a change in guidelines, and an inability to continue holding in-person classes, JDC is prepared to switch to Live, Online format of class instruction. These classes will follow the same schedule and commitments as in-person classes.

Who is allowed to enter Jeté Dance Centre?

All dancers and a single parent/guardian of each dancer will be allowed to enter Jeté Dance Centre. We do, however, highly recommend that parents/guardians refrain from accompanying their dancer if they are of sufficient age and/or readiness to attend class alone. Please refrain from bringing any additional family members or visitors to scheduled class time. Children young enough to be in a carseat will be allowed to enter, but it is requested they remain in the carseat or in a parent's arms. All classes will have remote, live viewing options.

Who is required to wear face coverings?

All individuals Ages 5+ who enter Jeté Dance Centre must wear an effective, face covering. It is also recommended, but optional, for children Ages 2-5 to wear a face covering.

Dancers must wear face coverings until they enter the studio for class time. They will continue to wear face coverings during any low exertion class time. During high exertion acitivites, it is optional for dancers to continue to wear their face covering, or they may choose to remove and safely store them.

Teachers and Assistants will wear transparent face shields for voice projection and to allow dancers to see their instructors faces. This has proven to be more inviting for younger dancers.

All parent/guardians are required to wear a face covering at all times while visiting Jeté Dance Centre.

How will classes look different from usual?

Class sizes will be capped at smaller numbers, following occupancy and distancing guidelines from the CDC and MDH. Dancers will maintain social distancing of 6 feet. Dance boxes outlined on the floor may be used to define each dancer's individual, social-distanced safe space. In-Class activities will minimize or eliminate hand-holding, hugging, close interactions and.or shared prop use.

What cleaning procedures are in-place?

All studio surfaces will be cleaned before and after each day, as well as in-between individual classes. Any used props will be sanitized before next use.

What should we do if my dancer has any symptoms of sickness?

Please notify JDC as soon as possible regarding your dancer's illness and absence from class. All dancers exhibiting illness symptoms will require a 14-day self-quarantine from in-studio activities or a negative COVID-19 test. At that point, dancers may return to class.

Live, Virtual class options will be provided to allow dancers to continue their class time while in self-quarantine.

What should we do to prepare for weekly class?

Please ensure that dancers coming to class are symptom-free and have any necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE - "Face Coverings, etc)

Jeté Dance Centre will not be managing any health screening upon entrance, but will ask that all dancers and visitors sanitize upon entry and exit of individual studios and the facility as a whole.

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