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Tap and Hip Hop
Ages 3-4    
Ages 5-7   Ages 8-10   Ages 11-14

Schedule and Class Availability

Ages 3-4 | 30 Minute Class 1x/Week
Ages 5-7 | 45 Minute Class 1x/Week
Ages 8-10 | 60 Minute Class 1x/Week
Ages 11-14 | 60 Minute Class 1x/Week

Boys will be introduced to and challenged in both tap and hip-hop.  Students will learn in a fun, controlled environment in preparation for recital.  For recital, 3-4 Boys classes will perform their tap dance and 5-7 Boys and older will perform tap and hip hop dances as well as  the all-studio hip-hop dance and finale.

Class Costs

$20.50 -$26.50/ Month


Full Season tuition broken down into nine, equal monthly payments.

Tuition payments remain the same, regardless of the number of classes held in a given month.

Boys pricing includes 50% discount from regular tuition price.
Boys are FREE with full-tuition paying immediate family member

$75 - $140

1 or 2 Costumes

All Boys dancers participate in the year end Spring recital.  Age 3-4 Dancers will receive one costume for use in their tap recital dance and finale.   Boys 5+ will receive two costumes for use in their tap and hip hop recital dances and finale.


Tap and Jazz Shoes

Tap & Jazz shoes from JDC are  required for participation in recital.  Dances will use Jazz shoes for their Hip Hop damce.  

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