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Partner Affiliations

JDC is proud to partner with these well respected organizations


National Dance Education Organization

NDEO provides professional development, networking forums, honor societies, journals, research and advocacy tools for teachers, administrators and students in the field of dance education centered in the arts. Our members teach multiple dance genres in a variety of environments including, but not limited to, K-12 schools, dance studios, colleges and community centers. 

CLI Studios

CLI Studios committed to partnering with dance studios to create programs that keep staff and students inspired throughout the year. Our programs use innovative technology to get studios unparalleled access to 150+ top choreographers

Build Community

DanceBARN Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to creating dance opportunities to rural and underserved communities.

Be a part of the “magic” of Broadway!


Creating the world's most trusted acro programs

Acrobatic Arts offers a comprehensive training program for dance educators to safely teach AcroDance. Our curriculum covers anatomy, technique, progressions, lesson planning, choreography, and more!

Developed with input from over 100 experts in related fields, it's the most well-researched program in the industry.

Broadway Connection is a performing arts education company that is committed to inspiring the next generation’s love of musical theatre. Through BC Master Classes, Workshops and Triple Threat Intensives, Broadway Connection brings studios, schools and universities worldwide the highest quality dance, singing and acting education in the most convenient and cost effective way possible. Broadway Connection teachers are the stars of every Broadway tour and Broadway production, and they are thrilled to share insider information on current auditions, Broadway trends, university programs, dancing in films and dance companies and so much more. In an intimate and educational learning environment, students are exposed to an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” look at the professional world of Broadway. Through Broadway Connection, students everywhere can learn their true potential and be a part of the “magic” of Broadway!

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