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4th & 5th Grade | Class Information

Tap, Jazz & Ballet

Schedule and Class Availability

90 Minute Class 1x/Week

4th & 5th grade students are ready to learn proper technique for turns and leaps.  Students will have a lot of fun with jazz, tap, lyrical and ballet technique and will be part of an all-studio hip-hop dance and finale.  Students at this level are required to learn multiple line formations for each of their three dances in recital: jazz, tap, and lyrical. 

Class Costs

$65/ Month


Full Season tuition broken down into nine, equal monthly payments.

Tuition payments remain the same, regardless of the number of classes held in a given month.



3 Costumes + Tights

4th & 5th Grade dancers participate in the year end Spring recital.  Dancers will receive three costumes for use in their tap, jazz and lyrical recital dances and finale. 

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Tap/Ballet/Jazz Shoes

Tap, Ballet & Jazz shoes from JDC are  required for participation in recital.  

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