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Kindergarten & 1st Grade |
Class Information

Tap, Jazz & Ballet

Schedule and Class Availability

Max Class Size: 12

60 Minute Class 1x/Week

Children who have started school have a much longer attention span and are able to focus longer.  Kids at this level will develop their skills and technique in ballet, tap, and jazz.  Students will learn dance terminology and definitions that are age appropriate for their level.  These students will perform three dances in recital: jazz, tap, and ballet as well as an studio hip-hop dance and finale.

Class Costs

$58/ Month


Full Season tuition broken down into nine, equal monthly payments.

Tuition payments remain the same, regardless of the number of classes held in a given month.



2 Costumes + Tights

Kindergarten & 1st Grade dancers participate in the year end Spring recital.  Dancers will receive two costumes for use in their tap, jazz and ballet recital dances and finale.  One of the two costumes will be used for two dances.

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Tap and Ballet Shoes

Ballet and Tap shoes from JDC are  required for participation in recital.  Kindergarten & 1st Grade dancers will use ballet shoes for their jazz dance.

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