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Acro Dance

Dancers use Acro to complement choreography within dances to showcase their strength, flexibility and skill in the art. Similar to gymnastics with differences in transitions and technique, dancers will be able to to transfer their new skills to on-state performances. Various levels of Acro develop skills like somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, aerials, and much more!

The next 10-week session runs from September 21st, 2023 through December 7th, 2023

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Acro Level Sample Skills
This is a structured, progression based curriculum, developing a wide range of skills to advance dancers towards numerous end goals.  Mastery of single, specific skills (beginner, intermediate or advanced) does not advance dancers to that level.  If you have questions on level placement for your dancer, please contact JDC. Acro instructors reserve the right to adjust class levels as necessary.



Sample Skills

Cobra, Crab Walks, Frog Jumps, Gallops, Pre-Cartwheel, Somersault, and more!


Level III

Sample Skills

Backward Roll, Bridge and Kickover, Headstand, Quarter Scorpion


Level VI

Sample Skills

Back Walkover, Flying Cartwheel, Front Walkover, Hurdle Roundoff, 


Level I

Sample Skills

Forward Poke Roll, Handstand facing wall, Log Rolls, Planks, Push up to Bridge, Table Top


Level IV

Sample Skills

Dive Roll, Handstand to Chest Roll, One Hand Cartwheel, Upper Body Lifts


Level VII

Sample Skills

Limbers, Moon Walkover, Side Aerial, Tick Tock


Level II

Sample Skills

Straddle Rolls, Baby Scorpion, Bridge, Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Superman


Level V

Sample Skills

Arabian Handstand, Forearm Stand, 


Level VIII

Sample Skills

Roundoffs, Chest Roll to Bridge, One Hand walkover, Reverse Illusion,

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